Leech Effects the body at Different levels

In life leech does not create any harm to the animals nor, much less, man. These extraordinary creations account for almost all the people of tremendous value, in a timely and professional use them. It is a question of Hirudoterapia – a beneficial impact on the human condition with leeches.http://howdoyougetcellulite.tumblr.com/post/58676080964/joey-atlas-review-phlebitis-or-embolism

How it looks in life – Leech affects the body at different levels. Very often put leeches on a biological level, the active points that coincide with the places or massage. In consequence of that action takes place on the energy meridians corresponding unhealthy body. With the help of leeches can increase energy and unhealthy body which makes for further recovery.Once the leech bite does to us in the blood gets around to hundreds of biologically active substances (enzymes). The spacing at a rate of blood throughout the body, they have a beneficial effect on all organs and systems.http://forxellulite.wordpress.com/2013/08/19/joey-atlas-reviewwhy-is-a-healthy-bath/

Mechanically irritating our “protective clothing” and unprotected upper fabric, leeches contribute to increasing and improving blood circulation.The list of diseases for which such therapy is recommended, rather large, we will stop at 3 perfectly familiar to many people: cardiovascular disease, low back pain and cellulite.

Bacteria that enter the body applying leeches, promote blood thinning in consequence of which it becomes normal. Spread throughout the body through the bloodstream, at the biological level, these active substances are liquefied by cholesterol plaques and thrombi. It is because of such action are advised to use leeches to people prone to heart attacks, strokes and varicose vein disease.http://joeyix.blogspot.com/2013/08/joey-atlas-reviewthe-fluid-loss.html

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